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About MAMA Ventures

Our Story

Since it's establishment in 2018, MAMA Ventures(마마벤처스) has grown to become one of the most recognized accelerator by creating success for over 40 projects. 
In 2022, we are taking things to the next level by becoming our own crypto venture capital to create bigger success. 

Our Vision

We accelerate in the next generation that will lead the blockchain industry.
We invest in decentralized services that contribute to a better world.

Our Edge

MAMA Ventures(마마벤처스) is a crypto venture capital with accelerating capability that is specialized in the Korean market.
We are optimized to provide one-stop solution covering all areas from reviewing whitepaper, revitalizing the ecosystem, to discovering new businesses and listing on exchanges.
We support overseas projects with their market entry in Korea, as well as domestic projects that are hoping to attract foreign investment.
Growth process of blockchain projects
MAMA VENTURES(마마벤처스) invests in early-stage.
After the investment, lead the entire process necessary for project growth by attracting investments, global expansion, ecosystem expansion, community building, marketing, listing on exchanges, token liquidity and follow-up project management.
Accelerating structure
Support for accelerating blockchain projects through MAMA’s networks including global companies, major VC, project foundations and advisory groups.
Accelerating include project planning advice, Investment attraction, community building and leading marketing, exchange listing support, liquidity provision, etc.