Juchel Yoon


Jucheol Yoon is CEO of MAMA Ventures. Ju cheol previously worked as a founder of B&Y, which is Crypto Accelerator, representative of the Korean branch of BYTOM and China regional PM of NBT Partners. He has business experiences investing and accelerating over 40+ crypto projects. He received a B.A. in economics from Tsinghua university.

Wondal Jung


Wondal Jung is a partner of MAMA Ventures. Jung founded a crypto market maker company and crypto asset management company. Jung is in advanced management course Fintech blockchain department, advanced management program in Fintech Blockchain department at Dongguk university.



TEO is currently a director at MAMA Ventures. TEO previously worked as a senior analyst in Korea Investment & Securities. While working as a Telecommunications and Media sector analyst, TEO received the Best Analyst Award from Asiamoney. TEO holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Peking University.

Haesung Lee


Haesung Lee, currently a director at MAMA Ventures, worked in accounting firms including Deloitte Korea (Audit and tax adviosry) and EY Korea (Finance Advisory Services), and at Alternative Investment Division at Hana Financial Investment. Lee received a B.A. in Health Policy and Management from Korea University.

Danny Bae


Danny Bae is a director of MAMA Ventures. Bae have 21 years of business experiences in sales, marketing, business developments as various executive roles. He founded a VR sales company and Metaverse content production company. Prior to that worked as vice president of Asia sales of ACN.

Woong Jang

Marketing Manager

Woong Jang is currently the marketing manger at MAMA Ventures. Jang built his expertise in crypto marketing while working as a senior marketer at Dilution. He also has a special background as a famous pro gamer. Jang received a Master's degree in Counseling at Soongsil University.

Minho Won

Operations Manager

Minho Won is currently the operating manger at MAMA Ventures. Prior to joining the firm, Won worked as an accelerating manager at the Korea Innovation Center, a BD manager at OKEx, and an alliance department leader at U Fintech Hub (Utransfer). Won graduated Beijing Institute of Technology with a degree in Applied Economics.

Daesoo Kyung


Daesoo Kyung is an advisor of MAMA Ventures. He served as a member of the National Assembly in the 19th and 20th. Prior to that, he served as a director of the Jeju district prosecutor’s office and Supreme prosecutor’s office. He graduated form Seoul National University with a master’s degree at the graduate school of justice.